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Several months before our wedding, my baby fever began. Maybe it was because of all my adorable nieces and nephews being born and growing into adorable toddlers. Maybe it was because of that song “first comes love, then comes marriage…“.

Whatever it was, once it started, while it ebbs and flows, it never really went away. I still get baby fever.

Having kids is obviously a huge decision, and one that we have decided to take very carefully due to our lifestyle. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t daydream once in a while!

So while we still are not sure when we will start planning to grow our family, I decided to indulge and create a list of 10 signs of baby fever for those who have not yet had a baby, but want to! Do you have any of these signs? Let’s find out!

1.-You Imagine Pregnancy as a Magical Time

While I have heard of all the negative things that happen during pregnancy – the back ache, the mad cravings, the mood swings, the difficulty sleeping – I am really looking forward to all the good things! I can’t wait to feel the baby kick and move inside me, to hear it’s heartbeat at the check-up, and to see my belly grow (and not because of just body fat gain!). Just the phenomenon of something living and growing inside my own body gives me goosebumps!

10 signs of baby fever (Neffi Bergen Photography - Maternity Shoot)

2. You Fantasize about Baby Kisses

Babies are so soft and squishy and simply adorable! I know not everyone feels this way, but there seems to be a correlation between people who find babies irresistibly cute and people who want to have kids. I can’t wait to smooch my baby from head to toe! To cuddle, carry and hug. My mom always recounts with fond nostalgia of how she used to play with my baby belly and fat, stubby feet. I, myself, am fairly fond of chubby cheeks!

10 signs of baby fever (Neffi Bergen Photography - Family Shoot)

3. You Already Know How you will Break the News

My parents are fairly young, no yet in their 50’s. They have such big hearts, especially towards children and have even been fostering for 10 years now. I’m the oldest by 6 years, so naturally it will be me who will be the one to break the news to my parents that they will no longer be parents, but grand-parents as well! I know this will bring so much joy and excitement, even to my husband, who -even now- is super excited about the prospect of a baby and becoming a father one day. Which is why I have a board full of surprise announcement ideas on Pinterest!

4. You Linger in the Children Clothes sections

Image result for 20's children fashion

I know I shouldn’t be biased, but I so desperately want a girl! So many outfits in shop windows or in pictures catch my eye and I dream of my little one dressed up in these quaint and old-fashioned dresses! I love retro fashion, particularly the 20’s, 40’s and 50’s when it comes to little girl’s outfits. Isn’t this why, as young girls, we enjoyed barbies and dolls so much? That being said, I would still greatly enjoy dressing up my son as a little gentleman or sailor!

5. You Already Have a List of Baby Names

And you update it every time you find a new name you like or realize you didn’t like one that was on your list after all. I even go on a baby name binge for days at a time. Researching, making lists, asking my husband what he thinks of this name or that. It drives him crazy after the first day…let alone when I’m still at it 3 days later!

TIP: Use some kind of note-taking or list-making app on your phone so you can whip out that list any time baby names comes up in conversation! Yes, I have done this…

10 signs of baby fever (Neffi Bergen Photography - new born Shoot)

6. You Imagine the Lessons You Will Impart

Moms are natural teachers of their children. As a teacher by profession, I have a great love for the process of teaching new skills, new insight, new wisdom and new discoveries. I love seeing the joy and excitement in my students when their minds are creating and puzzling things out. I can’t wait to see that on my child’s face.

7. You Facebook Stalk Your Pregnant Friends

Or at least your stalk all their pregnancy/baby related posts. I enjoy seeing the updates about doctor updates, the life adjustments, the sonograms. A new life is an exciting and beautiful phenomenon to watch unfold!

10 signs of baby fever (Neffi Bergen Photography - Family Shoot)

8. You get tingly at the thought of Being called  “Mom”

With the title comes a whole slew of responsibilities, I know there is something kind of special when a child says “mommy”. It’s a new side to our identity that will be so vastly important to our little ones their whole lives, even long after we are gone. It is an unseen badge of honour.

9. You Have Briefly Contemplated About Stealing a Baby

You just can’t stop the thought from popping up. You see a cute baby and you just want to hold it in your arms! I get the same feeling with puppy dogs too…#psycho. Seriously though, I’m not the only one who has thought of this? Right?…Right?

10. Everywhere You Travel To, You Imagine Coming back with Your Kid

Just as I am so excited to have my husband join me where my travel bug has led us, I can’t wait to also bring our kids along on our travels one day. I still firmly believe that travel and experiencing other cultures and peoples is one of the best ways to understand humanity. It helps give on perception as well as a new perspective. It is also an amazing way to show God’s creation in nature and the beautiful world we live in. From art masterpieces, to surreal natural beauties, I can’t wait to see the wonder in my children’s eyes!

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All of these stunning photos are done by my talented friend at Neffi Bergen Photography. Featuring my sister-in-law and darling nieces, as well our friend Ingrid and her adorable newborn son!

So, what about you? What do you look forward to about motherhood? Do you suffer from baby-fever at all? If you are a mother, what do you think of my list? I hear mothers might actually have even stronger baby fever after they have already gone through it once! Let us know in the comments! Let’s get some baby talk going!


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  1. We made the post!! And You MUST have baby fever to write a post like this ??? Love and miss you guys and can’t wait for the announcement to come one day, however you intend on doing it ?

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