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Great Products for Dry Skin


Do you suffer from dry skin? Do you live in a dry climate? Maybe both? Girl, I feel you.

When it comes to my scalp, lips and legs, I have to make sure I keep up with regular moisturizing all year round, but winter-time just makes everything drier! Add on top of that that I moved to Egypt, and my skin might as well be part of the desert…

Over the last year I’ve been experimenting and trying out new products to see what worked and what didn’t. Overall, I’m super happy with a handful of beauties that have hydrated my world!

If you can’t find these products near you, you can order any of these products online simply by clicking on the image. Yes, these are affiliate links and anything I make helps run this blog as best I can for you! You can read my full disclosure here.

Ready to feel moisturized? Grab your hand lotion and lets dive into silky smoothness!

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Look Amazing After Overnight Flight

Overnight Beauty routine feature image

It’s not like the movies, is it? The main character flies across the ocean in record time and comes off the plane looking just like they did when they got on 10+ hours ago. While I can’t give you tips to make your very long overnight flight go any faster, I discovered some ways to come off the plane after 13 hours of travel and still look surprisingly refreshed!

There are some challenges that come with trying to look great when you step off a plane, such as no access to a shower on board, having to pack away all your great products into your checked bags, and dealing with an environment that is not exactly relaxing. But fret not! Next time you have a long flight of 7-15 hours long, just follow these simple tips and steps to make sure you step off that plane looking pretty amazing.

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June Beauty & Health Favourites

june faves

Have you ever been so excited about stuff that you couldn’t wait to share it with others? Not just friends and family but everyone? I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. I enjoy taking care of my skin and health overall, and when I find something that makes life easier, healthier and happier, than I can’t resist sharing it.

Clicking on the product pictures or links will take  you to where you can purchase and order them yourselves! Some of these links are affiliate links, which help run this website with the newest and best features to keep bringing  you the best content I can! I only recommend things I use myself and love!

Alright! Let’s start with beauty and make up products!

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Packing Beauty Supplies

make up
I’m a girly girl. I won’t deny it. I love doing my hair and make-up, and pursuing my idea of beauty and femininity. My tastes have become finer over the years, which basically means I spend a lot more money on beauty products and accessories!

Moving to Egypt has presented to me a great conundrum: how to pack up all my make up supplies, jewels, scarves, and hair products with limited luggage space and weight restrictions? This was a big deal for me! I learned how to sacrifice, and also learned to fully embrace my favourite sort of beauty, which is elegant simplicity.

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