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I want to try something different today. Because I can, and I like to try new things!

As you may know, we spent 5 days in Portugal this summer, 3 of which were in Lisbon.  There are a million things I want to say about Portugal, and for that reason I want to do a photo essay, since we all know ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. So let’s see if I can’t make you fall in love with Lisbon by the end…


Lisbon is so enchantingly charming and romantic. It is similar to places like Paris, except that not everything looks quite so polished, but I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. While you may see faded paint or rusty metal, you don’t get a sense of poverty or abandonment. Simply, it feels like a historic city with tales and legends that go back hundreds or thousands of years. It gives the city character, an old charm that vintage lovers, like myself, swoon over. From beautiful tiles, to ornate lamps, there is beauty to be found anywhere you look…


Something that stands out in Lisbon is the rich variety of colour. They don’t shy away from just about anything if it is bright and cheerful. From pinks to lavenders, from yellows to reds. This city would be a painters dream! It would be hard to feel sad here, I feel. Even the very walls of gorgeous buildings seem to be saying ‘smile and be happy!’.

red car
bright blocks 2
yellow tram

The city is very hilly, and if you get high enough, you can see some spectacular sites of everything below. Note the typical terracotta tiles of the rooftops and light-coloured walls which gives Portugal it’s mix of exotic and European feel.


Though Lisbon is the capital city, and there is the usual hustle and bustle of locals and tourists, this sea-side city likes to relax, take long walks down the beach, and enjoy the sun set over the ocean.  Not to mention the weather is pretty spectacular in the summer, filled with sunny days and blue skies. The sunsets here are soft and gorgeous…

sail boat
beach couple

We did not know what to expect when we arrived in Portugal, but we were very much captivated within the first day! Stay tuned for more information about visiting Lisbon and how we spent our time in Portugal. Next blog post will go into detail about places, restaurants, activities and food we experienced! There is so much more we have yet to tell!

Have you been to Lisbon? What were your first impressions? Have I convinced you to bump it up on your travel list? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. We loved our short visit to the colourful Lisbon as well! It was autumn during our visit, but nevertheless over 20 degrees celsius, so enjoyable, not too hot. I would love to live in a colourful home, but that’s kind of silly when you’re the only colourful house in the street, right? 😀 We did a walking tour in Lisbon, and our guide said that the rich people have white houses, they need to be redone every once in a while. The poorer people have a colourful house, as it doesn’t need as much maintaining as a white one. Interesting right?

    1. Autumn sounds like a lovely time to visit Lisbon! It’s a perfect time for travel in most placed really…That’s so funny! I did not know that! We didn’t get a chance to do any tours, the timing was always off for us! That is interesting, lol!

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