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It’s not like the movies, is it? The main character flies across the ocean in record time and comes off the plane looking just like they did when they got on 10+ hours ago. While I can’t give you tips to make your very long overnight flight go any faster, I discovered some ways to come off the plane after 13 hours of travel and still look surprisingly refreshed!

There are some challenges that come with trying to look great when you step off a plane, such as no access to a shower on board, having to pack away all your great products into your checked bags, and dealing with an environment that is not exactly relaxing. But fret not! Next time you have a long flight of 7-15 hours long, just follow these simple tips and steps to make sure you step off that plane looking pretty amazing.

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First off here are two things you can do before your flight:

1. Get Your Nails Done

If you are travelling for business and you need to look sharp, a nice manicure days before your flight will automatically add a polished look. If you are prone to chipping your nails easily then gel or shellac nails might be necessary. Treat yourself! This will also help you feel more positive about your upcoming flight and travels.

2. Shower Right Before

Try to have a shower as close to your flight as possible, with time to do you hair, and get ready without stress. Because you likely won’t see a proper bathroom for nearly a day, this is your best shot at keeping grubbiness at bay.

Alright, now for the real battle. Here my 7 tips for how to endure your long overnight flight and come out at the other end feeling and looking fresh!

1. Remove Your Make Up

You probably did not expect that. The air inside a pressurized plane will suck out any moisture and your skin will have a hard time. Don’t put more strain on your skin and pores. Pack nice make-up remover wipes with health boosting benefits and allow your skin to breath. About two hours (no more) into your flight, remove all facial makeup or watch in horror as you age ten years in a matter of hours…

2. Moisturize

In the words of Lady Cassandra, “Moisturize me!” (Hollar in the comments if you recognize the reference). As soon as your face is nice and clean, moisturize! Not just your face, but hands and any exposed part of your body, including your lips with a good quality lip gloss! This is not only great for your skin care, but will make you feel more comfortable while sitting in an economy seat for hours on end.

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3. Drink Water

See a pattern here, yet? Airplane flight = very, very dry air. So anything you do to counter its effects will benefit you. Make sure to drink at least one cup of water every 1-2 hours! This will keep you hydrated inside and out. Don’t be shy to drink a little more than usual, water is good for you! And if you are having alcohol, it is imperative that you have some water to combat dehydration!

4. Braid Your Hair/Don’t Brush

If you live in the places that get very cold, you know that cold dry air means more static. Guess what kind of air is in a plane? Yup. Dry and cold. If you hair is long enough, just put it in a braid or bun so you don’t have strands that will cling to your face, chair, or simply stick up in the air. If you have short hair, like myself, resist the urge to brush or comb through with your fingers, you’ll just cause friction which causes more static. And above all, do NOT go into the bathroom and wet your hair! There aren’t many hair products that come in travel size, but resist any heavy creams or styling oils, since this can weigh down your parched hair and make it greasy faster.

5. Pamper Yourself

This is not a very necessary step, but if you are prone to baggy, puffy eyes, then you might want to do this. Pack along a gel eye sleep mask, ask an flight attendant for a cup of ice, and let the sleep patch sit in the ice before applying it to your face. This will help keep your eyes cool and refreshed, so you don’t look tired and ragged after your flight, regardless of if you actually get some decent sleep…

6. Doll Yourself 1 Hour Before Landing

About 1 hour before landing (no sooner) you can head to the bathroom with your whole beauty army. Re-do your make up (though I would stick to a natural look!), re-braid your hair, re-touch your deodorant, add a touch of body spray, brush your teeth and use lip gloss to moisturize your lips. I personally like tinted lip glosses to add a bit of color as well. If you really want to wear lipstick, wait for the lip gloss to get absorbed into your lips first!

7. Adjust Or Change Your Wardrobe

Maybe you flew in sweatpants and a tee, which is totally cool. But if you intend to step off the plane and get straight to work or play, then you might want to do something about your wardrobe. Here are three things you can do an hour before you land to be ready to tackle the day:

  1. Keep your outfit change in your carry-on : a summer dress or a pair of black tights and new shirt are two easy, comfy, semi-casual outfits you can easily slip into and you will feel so great changing out of the clothes you just spend the last 10+ hours in!
  2. Hat Disguise: if you’re worried that your hair is not on fleek, nothing better than a stylish hat to hide the greasy roots or flat hair!
  3. Add Some Sparkle: A cute pair of earrings, a few bracelets or a lovely necklace will make you look effortlessly fab. Check out my friend’s gorgeous jewellery collection for your next travel outfit over at Pretty Little Details!

Wardrobe Ideas

That’s it! Those are my beauty suggestions for how to survive a long overnight flight and to look great at the other end!


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  1. Not fair :((( I wanna ❤ international giveaway option would be nice. Even if we would have to pay for the shipment

    1. As my first giveaway, I wanted to do something a little easier and more towards my main group of supporters! Don’t worry, I will definitely start doing international ones in the future!

  2. First of all, you’re adorable. Secondly, thanks for posting your link on the Girls vs Globe site. Such a wonderful list! Definitely need this as I’ll be flying LA > AMS and back in August. Thanks for sharing.

    And Happy Birthday, of course 😉

    1. Aww, thanks Lauren! ^_^
      No problem! I’m glad this was helpful! I will be flying over to Europe again, so I will have to put this to use again soon 😛
      Thank you!!!

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