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 Travellers and wanderers like to express their wanderlust and love for travelling, and one of those ways is through home décor and fun diy crafts! I was inspired by my friend over at Pretty Little Details, when she posted a tutorial of a DIY Wanderlust Globe, and simply had to make my own!

Sadly, I did not have great luck finding a full sized globe, so I opted for a smaller globe! Please note: if you go for a smaller globe, it makes it very hard to do the little details of land/water borders! But it is also very cute!

You can find the first few steps over here.  Below is where I deviated and made it my own! As you can see below, I went with white for the water and used a gold marker for the land.

{Step 3}

Paint over the gold marker with metallic gold paint, or nail polish. This will give more coverage and also a metallic texture.

I wish I remembered where I got this nail polish from. It was just one of those random purchases where I saw something gold and shiny and snatched it up!

{Step 4}

With a gold gel pen,  label some of the bodies of water, and trace treasure map-like lines across the oceans from different parts of the world!

Let it sit to dry for a couple of hours, and voila! You’re done! An adorable little piece of décor to show your traveller personality!

If you like getting crafty or buying wanderlust/travelling décor, visit my Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration!


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