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Flat Lay Quote Stock Photos (+ Bonus Fall Fashion Sneak Peek!)

Price: 5,00$

Need some pretty photos for your blog or social media? Don’t have time or patience to take your own flatlays? That’s ok! I made some for you!

Package Details

This package comes with 21 flat lay photos that are sized to suit Instagram square, tall and wide templates. Each “set” consists of a particular colour scheme and either stationary items or a poster print. Each set has at least 2 photos in both square or tall. The Pretty set, Hello 2017 and Love It sets are sets of 4 photos. For a bonus, I added a sneak peek at a Fall Fashion stock photo set that I am working on! Should be available soon to download!



Travel-Theme Colouring Book 1  – coming soon

Featuring 10 beautiful travel themed illustrations for you to fill with amazing colours! Perfect for airplane or train rides, or while you are in between travels and dreaming of your next trip!