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In May we spent 4 amazing days in Greece, two days in Santorini and two in Mykonos. We already shared what it was like on the island of Santorini in our previous post, and now we shall talk about the most popular island of all: Mykonos.

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Santorini vs. Mykonos:

Like I mentioned in the previous post about Santorini, I don’t think it’s fair to compare these two islands. Originally I was struggling to plan our short holiday, and I read many articles and blog posts that tried to guide travellers into making a choice between one or the other. If you would only go to Greece once in your whole life, I would still go to both. Mykonos and Santorini have distinct characteristics that make each special and enjoyable! We already talked about the beauties of Santorini, now Mykonos gets the spotlight.


Everyone knows Mykonos as the “party island”, but there is definitely a lot more to it. What is fun about Mykonos is that there is a lot more hustle and bustle, particularly in Mykonos Town, like Old Port and Little Venice. The beaches here have soft, golden sand, but can be very crowded. The shopping here is magnificent! They have most of the same shops in Santorini and more, particularly brand names and specialty shops. Wayne was finally able to find the wooden watch of his dreams. Not the cheap China made stuff, but hand made, beautifully crafted and elegant. I was able to find a Sephora (for there are none in Egypt!) which was heaven-sent.

It’s easier to get around Mykonos because most of the attractions are all closer to each other, such as the old port and the popular beaches, and the island is a bit more round and less mountainous as well. One downside to Mykonos is that everything is more expensive, such as transportation, rental, and souvenirs. Here, taxis are fairly common, but for the price they charge, it would make more sense to rent transportation. Once again we rented a quad, which I highly recommend! It’s so much fun to cruise around a Greek island with the sun shining and wind rippling through your hair!


If you arrive by boat from another island or Athens, you will be dropped off at the new port. Unless you have pre-arranged transportation to your hostel, hotel or Airbnb, you will want to take the water taxi. For only 4 euros, you can by a one way ticket or round trip for 6 euros, which will be handy if you are leaving Mykonos by ferry as well. The water taxi comes every half hour and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to old port.

We spent most of our time in Mykonos Town, doing some shopping, eating gelato from a shop with 32 flavors, admiring beautiful crafts and handiwork, tried souvlaki for the first time, taking pictures of the sea and the windmills, and getting lost in the endless winding white alleys. It seems like there is endless pleasures for your senses to experience!

Main highlight: Because the island has more beaches and is a lot less cliff-y, you interact with the sea more and you have a greater sense of a coastal, beach-y lifestyle that is lovely! How can you not get excited about seeing a bright blue sea almost everywhere you go?


Where We Stayed

In Mykonos we splurged and stayed in Tharroe Hotel, which is a five star hotel. It is probably the nicest hotel we have stayed at yet! It is short walk from Mykonos town and sits on a hill with a stunning view of the bay and Mediterranean sea. The beds were super comfy, the four piece bathroom was state of the art, the continental breakfast is amazing, and the welcome drink they serve is the most delicious champagne I ever tasted in my life! The service is top notch as well. We had issues with our flight and trying to confirm the time, and the receptionist Irene went above and beyond to get it all sorted. I had to hug her when she solved it because I was on the verge of tears. We would definitely stay here again!

For those a smaller budget, there are hostels and Airbnb places as well, but make sure to book in advance, it fills up quick during the summer!

View from our room at Tharroe Hotel

Delectable Dining

Restaurants and shops we recommend in Mykonos:

Gelarte Ice Cream: This family-run place is an ice-cream fan’s dream! Not only is the seating area adorable and there is free wi-fi, the range of 32 gelato flavors of the highest quality will make your mouth water. It’s a love/hate place for people who have a hard time making decisions (because you want to eat ALL THE GELATO!), like myself, but rest assured, the flavors are supper yummy, and the guy at the counter can give you some suggestions.

D’Angelo’s: This is a quaint Italian restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor patio. This restaurant pays attention to details, like placing real, beautiful flowers on plates that have been reserved. The pizza is delicious, and I wish we could had time to dine here again to try their other meals!

Little Venice Bars: If you want to sit, relax and have a gorgeous view, there are plenty of cafes and bars along the coast in Little Venice. Most people choose to lounge in the chairs outside, closest to the sea.

Things To Do in Mykonos:

  • Visit the many beaches along the island!
  • Visit the old village towards the center of the island
  • Go scuba diving
  • Shop till you drop!
  • Tour Mykonos Town and see the windmills
  • Go on a nature walk/hike
  • Visit a dance club and move your feet!
  • See the ancient Greek and sacred ruins at Delos
  • Take a cruise to visit the other smaller surrounding islands


Mykonos Island

Mykonos is fun, has a beach-y culture and has many options for dining and shopping. I think anyone, from solo travellers to families, can have a wonderful time on this island. I can’t wait to come back!
Have you been to Mykonos or other islands? What did you love most? Are you heading over there for the first time? If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I went to Crete two weeks ago… now I’m absolutely in love with Greece and can’t wait to visit all the other islands. Mykonos looks gorgeous!

  2. Will be taking a group tour to Mykonos, Santorini and Athens.. Athens excursion is defined but Santorini and Mykonos are free days and I wondered what everyone could do. I will definitely make note of the suggestions you’ve made,

    1. That sounds lovely! We have been through Athens airport half a dozen times, and have yet to explore that city! I’m glad I could help, have a fabulous time! 😀

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